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MPI Max Papis Steering Wheels

MPI Max Papis Steering Wheels is now an official dealer of MPI Steering Wheels.
MPI was formed by legendary racer, Max Papis and his wife, Tatiana Fitipaldi Papis to solve a problem that was becoming too common among so-called premium steering wheel manufacturers. Nascar Cup teams were approaching Max with concerns that the steering wheels they were using, had various weights, materials and construction methods, despite supposedly being the same model. Max did his research and found out that the wheels were being outsourced and manufactured in many different factories around the globe. Unable to convince the corporate honchos to improve their quality control, as the professional race teams were demanding, MPI or Max Papis Innovations was launched.
After strenuously researching new designs, materials and fabrication techniques, the Papis' were able to secure 4 Italian craftsman with decades of experience in the aftermarket steering wheel industry. All MPI Steering Wheels are built in the same Italian factory and every MPI Race Car wheel is engraved with their own individual serial number, as the Papis' are very passionate and very serious about achieving the tightest quality control standards. This enables the Papis' to provide racers with the best possible product now available.
Nascar Cup teams responded and in just a few short years, the majority of the drivers have purchased and are using MPI Steering Wheels. "Purchased" is a key word, as no professional driver currently using an MPI Steering Wheel was given the product to help promote it, they were willing to pay for the best! MPI quickly expanded their product selection beyond the top levels of Nascar racing and now offer a steering wheel for practically every form of motorsports, from Legends, Road Racing, Drifting, SXS, Quarter Midgets, Outlaw Cage Karts, Dirt and Asphalt Short Track and more!