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Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package

Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package

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Get suited up for oval track kart battles with top of the line styling and quality built by Zamp Racing. The Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package is designed to save the racer a few bucks and meet or exceed most rulebook requirements for dirt and asphalt karting ovals across the USA and Canada. Sized to fit both Youth and Adult kart racers.

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Our Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package Includes:
Zamp Z-25 Karting Jacket
Zamp ZK-20 Karting Gloves
Zamp ZK-20 Karting Shoes
Zamp NC-20 Neck Collar
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Zamp Z-25 Kart Jacket Features

• Constructed from lightweight, abrasion resistant fabrics.

• Additional heat shield is sewn along the back of the arms and shoulders for extra protection.

• 2-layer. 100% polyester shell with a 100% knitted mesh interior.

• Elastic arm cuffs.

Zamp ZK-20 Kart Gloves Features:

• Constructed with a lightweight fabric.

• Silicone materials cover just about the entire palm, lower inside thumb and lower inside finger areas for no slip, reduced vibration steering wheel grip.

• Built-in elastic provides the wrist closure, plus a wider, angled gauntlet will easily clear your race suit or race jacket cuffs.

To determine proper glove size, measure around widest part of hand, do not include thumb in measurement.

Zamp ZK-20 Kart Shoes Features:

• • Super Lightweight.

• Breathable, Flexible Construction.

• Lacing and Velcro Closure for optimal grip.

• Durable Ultra-Grip Rubber Sole for top performance.

• Leather and Suede Outer Layer.

• Comfortable Interior Padding for long wearing comfort.

Note: Auto Racers: This equipment is intended for kart racing. These products contain NO flame retardant materials. Kart racing gear is designed to help protect against abrasion if the driver leaves the kart and contacts the track surface during an accident.

Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package
Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package
Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package
Zamp DIRT Kart Gear Package

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