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Zamp RZ-70E Switch Helmet Communication Kit

Zamp RZ-70E Switch Helmet Communication Kit

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Item #:RDS-HACOM001

Designed for use with the Zamp RZ-70E Switch line of race helmets. The Zamp 4 Channel Helmet Communication Kit is a revolutionary product that allows you to configure your racing communication to multiple styles of systems, including IMSA, Stilo/TrackCom, Peltor/Sparco, and Off-road.

Kit includes:

• High quality nexus plug inline 4 channel.

• Noise cancelling Boom Mic.

• Female 3.5mm plug. Use your ear buds or speakers.

• Quick Connectors: no soldier needed, includes shrink tubing.

Works with 3.5mm Plug & Speakers (HACOM003) which is Stereo Wiring (does not work with Elite Speakers (HACOM004) which are Mono Wiring)

Please note that with this product, assembly is required.

Zamp Part Number: HACOM001

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