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Zamp RZ-56 AIR Racing Helmet Gloss Black SA2020

Zamp RZ-56 AIR Racing Helmet Gloss Black SA2020

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Item #:RDS-H771003
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Zamp RZ-56 Top Air Racing Helmet Gloss Black. The RZ-56 AIR is supposed to be a Zamp entry level model. Once again, Zamp bucks all racing industry trends, as this Helmet is loaded with features that many companies only incorporate into their mid and upper level Helmets. 7 different sizes, from X-Small to 3X-Large. Soft interior and a lightweight shell combine for a comfortable fit. Comes with the same clear shield as the more expensive Zamp models and factory installed M6 inserts are ready for your head and neck restraint hardware. The absence of chin bar vents is by design, making the Zamp RZ-56 AIR more compatible for dirt racers.

• Snell SA2020 approved.

• Also includes a Z-20 Series Clear Shield with tensioning tear-off posts.

• Uses Zamp laminated tear-offs or Ultra Shield 1256 tear-offs.

• Top Air nozzle accepts hoses from most popular helmet blower systems. Forced air will circulate through the helmet, drawing in cooler air and exhausting hot air. Minimal air will be felt on scalp.

• Racers looking for the same helmet with more chin bar venting, check out the Zamp RZ-59 models.

Zamp Part No. H771001
H771003S RZ-56 Gloss Black Small
H771003M RZ-56 Gloss Black Medium
H771003L RZ-56 Gloss Black Large
H771003XL RZ-56 Gloss Black X-Large

Zamp RZ-56 AIR Racing Helmet Gloss Black SA2020

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