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Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit Gray

Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit Gray

Item #:RDS-R030015
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The Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit may have an eye catching, affordable price tag, but don't expect a "bare bones fire retardant jump suit". The ZR-30 has the design and features to also qualify as a quality racing product. If you are looking for the increased protection of an SFI 3.2A/5 Firesuit, the Zamp ZR-30 is currently the best value available in the motorsports marketplace.

• Multi-layer construction achieves the SFI-5 certification. A fire retardant cotton inner and outer layer sandwiches an aramid center layer.

• Popular, but hard to find Gray Race Suit coloring.

• Box Quilt Stitching provides dimension and style.

• Pockets on each leg.

• Adjustable Belt.

• Shoulder flex panels allow for fully floating 360 degree shoulder rotation.

• Aramid Cuffs for comfort and protection around the ankles and wrists.

• Boot Cut style leg bottoms extend to the shoes and hide the ankle cuffs..

Zamp ZR-30 Race Suit Gray

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