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Crow 3" Adult Individual Arm Restraints SFI 3.3

Crow 3" Adult Individual Arm Restraints SFI 3.3

Item #:RDS7010

SFI 3.3 certified Arm Restraints. The 3 inch wide lightly padded cuff wraps around the arm and attaches with a nylon strap through a D-ring to tighten. A separate nylon strap with a sewn in loop attaches to the harness restraint.

Crow Individual Arm Restraints are sold in a pair so you get one for each arm.

Colors: Black, Red or Blue.


Crow Part Numbers:

Crow 11574 3 Inch Arm Restraints Black

Crow 11573 3 Inch Arm Restraints Blue

Crow 11572 3 Inch Arm Restraints Red

Features of the Crow 3" Arm Restraint:
• 3 inch Arm Restraint
• SFI 3.3 Rating
• Sold as a pair (you get one for each arm)
• Colors: Black, Red or Blue
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