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Crow Mid Top Racing Shoes Black

Crow Mid Top Racing Shoes Black

Item #:RDS4022

The Crow Race Shoes have become a customer favorite. When local racers stop by to try on different brands of shoes, an amazing amount quickly select the Crows. Word must be getting out as our national sales have also been surprisingly strong. Why? The main reason, the suede material is very soft and pliant, conforming well to a variety of foot shapes.

• Mid-Top style racing shoe with flame retardant interior and suede exterior.
• SFI 3.3/5 certified.
• Additional heel support.
• Exterior leather guards on the outside of both shoes prevents premature wear.
• Shoe lace and strap closure at the ankle.

Note: We have found this shoe to work well for our customers who wear wide width shoes. _______________________________________________________________________

Crow Part Numbers:
Crow 22700BK Driving Shoes Size 7 Black
Crow 22750RBK Driving Shoes Size 7.5 Black
Crow 22800BK Driving Shoes Size 8 Black
Crow 22850BK Driving Shoes Size 8.5 Black
Crow 22900BK Driving Shoes Size 9 Black
Crow 22950BK Driving Shoes Size 9.5 Black
Crow 22100BK Driving Shoes Size 10 Black
Crow 22105BK Driving Shoes Size 10.5 Black
Crow 22110BK Driving Shoes Size 11 Black
Crow 22115BK Driving Shoes Size 11.5 Black
Crow 22120BK Driving Shoes Size 12 Black
Crow 22125BK Driving Shoes Size 12.5 Black
Crow 22130BK Driving Shoes Size 13 Black

Features of the Crow Mid-Top Racing Shoe:
• Suede Exterior
• Flame-Retardant Interior
• Single Velcro Strap Ankle Closure
• Additional heel support
• Exterior leather guard on outside of both shoes
• SFI 3.3/5 Certified
• Available in Half and Full Sizes
• Colors: Black, Red or Blue
• Shoe Sizes: 7 - 13 (for women's equivalent subtract 1 and 1/2 from men's shoe size)
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