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Race Car Transponder Package

Race Car Transponder Package

Our Price:  $250.00

Tired of renting and mounting a transponder every race weekend? The same folks that manufacture the Raceceiver, are now manufacturing a rechargeable Transponder for your race car.

The transponders are light, compact devices attached to each vehicle. Each transponder is assigned a unique identification number to differentiate individual vehicles. As the vehicle passes over the Loop Antenna, the Decoder reads this identification number and determines a crossing time.

The transmitters have convenient LED indicators for operational status. A green LED indicates the transmitter is working. A red LED indicates a low battery condition. There is no guesswork involved in determining battery status. During a race the transmitter is also capable of relaying a low battery status to the Race Management System and informing the system operator of this condition. The transponder comes with it's own charging unit.

Includes transponder, charger and mounting pouch.

The Mounting Pouch can be used to mount your rechargeable transponder to the frame of your car. Large grommet holes allow you to zip-tie the (Zip ties not included) case to the underside of the car. There is a clear plastic window where the indicator lights can be seen.

Race Car Transponder Package
Race Car Transponder Package
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