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RaceCeiver Fusion+ Rookie Earpiece Package

RaceCeiver Fusion+ Rookie Earpiece Package

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The RaceCeiver Rookie Driver Earpiece Package includes the RaceCeiver Fusion Plus FD1600, the Rookie earpiece with 2 earbuds, clear holster, AAA battery and instructions packaged together for your convenience.

The RaceCeiver Rookie Earpiece provides mid-level stereo sound quality. The earpiece has rubber tips that fit into the ear to help reduce outside noise and It comes with replaceable rubber tips for a more custom fit. This is not the recommended earpiece for Drivers in an extremely loud environment.

RaceCeiver Part# FUS16+REP

Note: If you use a Spotter and a 2 way radio in conjunction with the RaceCeiver, you will need the Legend SD1600 model

RaceCeiver Fusion+ FD1600 Rookie Earpiece Package
• Free Ground Shipping
• Fusion FD1600 RaceCeiver
• Dual ear buds
• Holster w/mounting clip
• 1 AAA Battery
• Detailed Instructions
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