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RaceCeiver Fusion+ Semi-Pro Dual Earpiece Package

RaceCeiver Fusion+ Semi-Pro Dual Earpiece Package

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The most popular RaceCeiver Package at RaceDay Safety! The RaceCeiver Fusion Plus FD1600 Semi-Pro Dual Earpiece Package includes the RaceCeiver Fusion Plus FD1600, the Semi-Pro Driver Earpiece, clear holster, AAA battery and instructions packaged together for your convenience.

The dual Semi-Pro Earpiece provides stereo sound and the foam earbuds help cancel out enough exhaust noise so the driver can easily hear race track communication. Includes one pair of Orange (medium size) and one pair of Yellow (small size). The smaller yellow size, will work for younger drivers or for those with smaller ears.

RaceCeiver Part# FUS16+SPK

Note: If you use a Spotter and a 2 way radio in conjunction with the RaceCeiver, you will need the Legend SD1600 model

RaceCeiver Fusion+ FD1600 Semi-Pro Package
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• Fusion FD1600 Plus RaceCeiver
• Upgraded dual ear buds. The orange foam ear buds are medium and the yellow foam ear buds are the smaller size. Both orange and yellow are included
• Holster w/mounting clip
• Black Pouch to store and keep track of Racceiver
• 1 AAA Battery
• Detailed Instructions
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