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RaceQuip SFI 360 Helmet Support X-Large

RaceQuip SFI 360 Helmet Support X-Large

Item #:RDS337008
Our Price:  $37.95

One size no longer needs to fit all! RaceQuip introduces a larger Helmet Support, sometimes called a Neck Collar, for racers who want something that truly fits their neck size. X-Large fits a neck circumference up to 19 inches.

The RaceQuip 360 Degree SFI Helmet Support Collar is made of high-density flame retardant foam which is covered with a woven FRC fabric. The round 2 inch tapered wedge design plus the Velcro closure make RaceQuip Helmet Support Collars comfortable and easy to use. Exceeds SFI 3.3 certification.

RaceQuip Part Number:

RaceQuip 337008 360 SFI Helmet Support Black X-Large

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RaceQuip SFI 360 Helmet Support X-Large