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RaceQuip 360 Helmet Support Large

RaceQuip 360 Helmet Support Large

Item #:RDS9004

If you do not need the SFI Certification and Tag on your Helmet Support or Neck Collar, you can save a few dollars with this non-SFI model. Constructed from high-density flame retardant foam which is covered with a woven FRC (Flame Retardant Cotton) fabric. The round 2" tapered wedge design plus the Velcro® closure make these helmet supports comfortable and easy to use.

Fits neck Circumference up to 17 inches.

Available in Black, Red or Blue


RaceQuip Part Numbers:

RaceQuip 333003 360 Helmet Support Black

RaceQuip 333013 360 Helmet Support Red

RaceQuip 333023 360 Helmet Support Blue

Features of the SafeQuip/RaceQuip Non-SFI Rated Helmet Support:
• Full Round 360 Degree Shape
• 2" Thick Tapered Wedge Design
• Flame Retardant High-Density Foam
• Woven FRC (Flame Retardant Cotton) Removable Cover
• Velcro® Closure
• Colors: Black, Red, Blue
• Size: Adult
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RaceQuip 360 Helmet Support Large