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SFI 16.1

Ratchet<br>SFI 16.1

Ratchet Belts are quickly gaining popularity due to their ability to get the driver tighter into the seat than ever before.
For decades, racers have struggled to achieve maximum tightness on their lap belts. No matter how hard or how many times you yank the slack out, there often seems to be more potential "tightness" that you just can't get to.

Ratchet Belts utilize a standard 1/4 inch ratchet, which allows the driver or a crew member to mechanically tighten the lap belts to the maximum.

Note: The Ratchet Mechanism bolts directly to the lap belt tab (single shear) or tabs (double shear) which is welded to the cage and/or chassis structure. The tab(s) needs to be within arms reach of the seated and belted driver in order for that driver to tighten the lap belt with the ratchet. See manufacturer's installation instructions for recommended mounting points.